All Dogs Sports Spectacular Working Party

All Dogs Sports Spectacular Working Party Members


Miss Carolyn Ryan (Chair)

Mrs Vicki Schneider
Miss Ainslie Carius
Miss Kim Dawson
Ms Tracey Hopper
Ms Valley Horne
Mrs Debbie Goodwin
Mrs Cath Wardle
Mrs Aleisha Watt
Mr Murray Senior
Mr Lawrie Knauth

Working Party Charter


1. At the end of each calendar year, the Working Party shall review the previous 12 months’ activities and prepare a comprehensive written report, together with proposals for the work plan for the following year to the Board. The Committee shall review the objectives that it is hoping to achieve in the year ahead and shall provide a written report for the Board on these goals.

2. The is responsible to the Board of the CCC(Q) Ltd and reports directly to the Board;

3. All members of the Working Party are appointed by the Board of the CCC(Q) Ltd for a two year term. Such term shall commence from the date of the AGM of CCC(Q) Ltd Members in March each year;

4. The President and Secretary of the CCC(Q) Ltd shall be ex-officio members of the Working Party;

5. The Board shall have the power to remove at its discretion any member of the Working Party;

6. The Board requires each member of the Committee to sign a Confidentiality Agreement;

7. The Board shall have the authority to intervene in the affairs of the Working Party if it considers such action is necessary;

8. The Working Party shall have the authority to co-opt extra assistance for specific tasks but the presence of persons co-opted at Working Party meetings shall not constitute membership of the Working Party;

9. The Working Party shall work closely with and liaise with other Working Parties or Committees as often as is necessary to ensure the smooth fulfilment of its objectives and of the CCC(Q) Ltd‘s objects;

10. Accurate minutes of all meetings of the Working Party are to be kept and forwarded to the Secretary of the CCC(Q) Ltd for distribution to members of Board;

11. Working Parties and Committees, other than those which have dedicated bank accounts which have been approved by the Board of the CCC(Q) Ltd, are not able to authorise any expenditure. Approval for such expenditure can only be made by the Board of the CCC(Q) Ltd;

12. In relation to bank accounts:

a. A dedicated bank account can only be held in a Working Party's or Committee’s name if the Working Party or Committee has received prior Board approval to have a bank account in its name;

b. At least one current member of the Board is a signatory to the bank account as well as the Secretary of the CCC(Q) Ltd. Two signatures are required, one of which must be the Secretary or Director;

c. Working Parties or Committees which have a dedicated bank account, can only use that account within the limitations that have been laid down by the Board;

13. It shall be the responsibility of the Chairperson of the Working Party to keep the Board fully informed of any matters pertaining to the operation of the Working Party. In that respect:

a. The Chairperson shall report to the Board at its regular meetings in writing on any matters considered as being necessary to warrant the attention of the Board;

b. At the Board meeting immediately following the end of each quarter, the Chairperson shall provide for the Board a brief written report on what the Working Party has achieved in the preceding quarter;

14. Working Parties are established at the discretion of the Board to meet a requirement in the fulfilment of the Objects of the CCC(Q) Ltd. If the Board considers that a Working Party is no longer serving a useful purpose in meeting those Objects, the Board shall have the right to disband that Working Party forthwith.

Working Party

1. The All Dogs Sports Spectacular Working Party is responsible to the Board of the Canine Control Council (Queensland) Ltd.

2. It is responsible for:


a. To develop the All Dogs Sports Spectacular into an annual event for all people, families, spectators, exhibitors, sponsors, vendors, Councils and Government, which is perceived as a premier sporting event on the annual calendar in Queensland.
b. Position Dogs Queensland Sportsgrounds as the home for all canine related activities in Queensland.

Accountabilities are to:

a. Organise the annual All Dogs Sports Spectacular.
b. Increase public participation in the All Dogs Sports Spectacular.
c. Demonstrate and promote all disciplines within Dogs Queensland.

Responsibilities are:

a. Make recommendations to the Board in respect to the event and associated matters.
b. Conduct an annual review of the All Dogs Sports Spectacular Working Party.
c. Establish and maintain appropriate communications between the Working Party, Dogs Queensland affiliated Clubs and external organisations.
d. Consider matters referred by the Board and provide reports and recommendations.


a. The All Dogs Sports Spectacular Working Party reports directly to the Board of Dogs Queensland, through the General Manager.