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Breeders Prefix 



Required forms

  1. Breeder Prefix Application **Refer to Prefix notes below for conditions of application
    Prefix Notes:
     Proof of Residential Address MUST be attached to the Prefix Application

  2. Breeder Prefix Exam Questionnaire 
    Note: This Exam MUST be lodged with the Application

To apply for a Breeder’s Prefix, please complete the above Application for Breeder’s Prefix and answer the Basic Breeder Questions (Breeder Exam Questionnaire) and if you have change residential address, as per the rules of the Dogs Australia we are to ask for proof. This can be a copy of a Utility Bill or your Driver’s Licence (front & back) showing your name and current residential address.

Also note that to apply for a Breeder Prefix, you are required to hold a current General Membership (not including Community Membership) information on how to become a membership can be found here

Please email both your completed application and questionnaire here 
with the subject heading; Prefix Application - (Your surname) 

Please refer to the below for help in answering the Breeder’s Questions:



  • be limited to one (1) word, consisting of not less than four (4) not more than twelve (12) letters;
  • not include numbers, whether in numerals or words;
  • not include apostrophes, hyphens or punctuation marks of any kind, however no restrictions shall be placed on the use of the words “von” or “vom”;
  • not include names that are misleading as to sex or relationship or any word which may be considered offensive;
  • not be identical to, or similar in spelling, or phonetically, to a prefix name already registered, which could be deemed to cause misunderstanding or confusion;
  • not include breed names;
  • be protected wherever possible if it is registered with Canine Controlling Bodies Overseas.



  • a Country;
  • a Town or Suburb;
  • a complete surname or first name (partial name is acceptable);
  • a common animal name;
  • a notable person;
  • a familiar brand or company name (e.g. Disney or Coca Cola);
  • identical or similar in spelling to a prefix name that is already registered, which could cause confusion or misunderstanding;
  • phonetically, similar sounding to an already registered prefix name which could cause confusion or misunderstanding;
  • an overseas prefix that is registered with an overseas Canine Controlling Body. These shall be protected where possible;
  • cannot include the full name of any breed or dog (partial name of a breed is acceptable);
  • cannot use the word KENNEL(S);
  • may be considered inappropriate, offensive or unpronounceable;
  • an Australian Registered Business;
  • a prefix must be one (1) word, with no less than four (4) letters and no more than twelve (12) letters;
  • cannot have a number whether it is a numeral or the written word for that number


A few tips, try looking names up on

  • Google (make sure it is not a town or suburb in any country, a notable person etc)
  • FCI Database here (will show up as overseas Prefix)
  • ABN Lookup here (will show Australian Registered Businesses)


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