Junior Handlers

Junior Handler competitions are a wonderful opportunity for young members to exhibit their purebred dogs in the show ring. The competitions are a lot of fun and a rewarding challenge.

You’ll make new friends, learn all about dogs, and develop confidence and good sportsmanship alongside other up and coming handlers at competitions and weekly activities.

How do I become a Junior Handler?

If you are between 12 and 18 years of age, you can have your own DOGS Queensland Junior membership. If you are between seven and 11 years old, your parent or guardian must be a DOGS Queensland member for you to participate.

When are competitions held?

Heats are held on weekends throughout the whole year. Once each year, Junior Handlers compete in State Finals, and the best in each state then go to the National Finals.

A trip to England to compete in the World Challenge is on offer for the best Junior Handler at the National Finals.


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