How to enter a show

How to enter

The Gazette section of your monthly DOGS QLD Magazine contains show advertisement schedules for events which are being held up to approximately two months forward. They are also available on this website.

These advertisements carry a number of important features of the show such as:

  • Date of the fixture
  • Type of fixture, Championship Show, Open Show, Parade etc.
  • Judge or judges officiating
  • Details of an online entry provider and, for mail entries, the name and address of the club secretary or cataloguer to whom the entries should be sent.
  • Closing date for lodgement of entries.
  • Classes offered for judging at the show
  • Any other important matters relevant to the show

If you are lodging an entry for your first show we recommend you seek advice and assistance from the person from whom you purchased your puppy or the DOGS QLD affiliated club, shown in the advertisement, which is conducting the show.

Once you decide on the event that you wish to enter, you then need to decide if you will enter online or forward your entry by mail.

No matter which of these methods you choose, the entry information you provide should be exactly what is shown on the current Pedigree Certificate of your dog, namely;

  • The Dog’s Registered Name including all titles and suffixes (CH., IMP, IID etc)
  • The Dog’s Registration Number
  • The name of the Registered Owner/s
  • The Owner Number shown on the Certificate to the right of the Owner’s name
  • Details of Date of Birth, Sex, Breeder, Sire and Dam

The only other detail required for entry are the Class being entered, the exhibitor contact details and a signed or acknowledged Exhibitor Declaration.