After buying a dog

After Buying a Dog

Below you will find some helpful documents and websites for further information.


Welcome to the World of Obedience Training
How to Exhibit Your Pedigreed, Registered Dog
Disciplines for Retrieving & Field Trials
Tracking Defined
Introduction to the World of Tracking
Rally Obedience Defined


Queensland Agility Trials
Dogs Australia Rules for Minor Disciplines

We encourage everyone who is thinking of getting a puppy, or who has recently acquired one, to Download and read Dr. Ian Dunbar's two free books here, titled "BEFORE You Get Your Puppy" and "AFTER You Get Your Puppy" - just click on the links above to Download each book direct to your computer (NOTE that the two books are fairly large in file size - 2.5 megabytes and 4.5 megabytes respectively).

These books are essential reading for all owners of dogs under 12 months of age and will show you how to prevent problems like house-soiling and destructive chewing, plus how to socialise your puppy or prevent aggression and adolescent problems from Day One.

Acknowledgements: Dr. Ian Dunbar as author of the books; Dog Star Daily (click here for website); The Siberian Husky Club of NSW Inc. (click here for website).