Before buying a dog

Before buying a dog, we recommend you read the documents below and visit the websites listed for more information.

There are more than 180 internationally recognised breeds of pure bred, pedigreed dogs throughout the world. In fact, Australia has examples of most of these breeds being exhibited at dogs shows throughout the nation every weekend of the year. Every one of these breeds has been developed for a specific purpose - whether it be working ability, size, temperament or agility. In short, there is a pure bred, pedigreed, registered dog that will suit every lifestyle whether as a treasured family member or working companion.

Pure Bred vs Designer Dog

Breeding for Beginners

All About Purebred Dogs by Dogs Victoria
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Free Books on Puppy Training
We encourage everyone who is thinking of getting a puppy, or who has recently acquired one, to Download and read Dr. Ian Dunbar's two free books, titled "BEFORE You Get Your Puppy" and "AFTER You Get Your Puppy". Simply click on the links to download each book direct to your computer (see "Free Behaviour and Training Downloads" section towards the bottom of that page). These books are essential reading for all owners of dogs under 12 months of age and will show you how to prevent problems like house-soiling and destructive chewing, plus how to socialise your puppy or prevent aggression and adolescent problems from Day One.

Acknowledgements: Dr. Ian Dunbar as author of the books, Dog Star Daily and The Siberian Husky Club of NSW Inc.