Trialling your dog

Road to Obedience Competition - Trialling

To enter Dog Sports Competitions, both Owner and/or Handler must be Member of Dogs Queensland.

Click here to find information on how to become a Dogs Queensland Member.

Your Dog must also be REGISTERED with Dogs Queensland.

If your Dog is a Pedigree Dog on Main Register or Limited Register – you will need to transfer from Breeder to your name. You should have received the ANKC Certified Pedigree when you purchased your Puppy. Complete details on back of Registration Paper and send to Dogs Queensland with appropriate fee. You will receive back a NEW ANKC Certified PedigreeRegistration paper showing you as the OWNER of the dog.

Non Pedigree dogs or Dogs without Registration can be registered on either the Associate Register or Sporting Register.

Once you are a Member of Dogs Queensland you will receive emails from time to time from Paw Prints with Dog News and links to the Dog World Magazine once a month.

Advertisements for upcoming Competitions (Trials) can be found there.

Details of how to enter will be in the Advertisement. These are usually done online, through Showmanager and/or K9entries

It is a good idea to also have a copy of the Rules for Obedience, Agility, Rally, Tricks, DWD, Scent Works, or which ever field you are interested in. Click here for Dogs Australia Rules

The information on these pages was put together with permission from the Redlands Dog Obedience Club