Draft Test

Draft Test is a new discipline to Australia but it is well established in USA, Canada, The UK and Europe. Draft Tests are run by breed clubs to maintain the inherit working abilities of these draft breeds.

In Australia it is hoped that traditional drafting breeds will embrace this as the performance of these exercises is intended to demonstrate skills resulting from both instinctual abilities and training. It is a real working test!

Dogs that pull a cart have to be physically strong and sound, well trained, adaptable and of good disposition. They must work well with their handler in variety of terrains and situations that they might encountered.

Workshops and training days are open to anyone who has an interest in draft work with their dog. Unsure how to start? Come along and have a look or even try it out.

Draft Training Aims

  • The aim is to promote good sportsmanship and a friendly training of Draft Dogs.
  • To create an educational informative atmosphere so as to develop the sport.
  • To promote the safe, careful, efficient training for the Draft Dogs.

The welfare of dogs is paramount at all times.

Visitors are always welcome, ground rules still apply.

Draft Training Ground Rules

The ground rules listed below will apply to any person using the area and equipment set out for Draft training

  1. Bitches in season will not be allowed to train or be in the vicinity of the training area.
  2. At least two members of the Draft Test Working Party must be present for training to commence.
  3. Training is run by members of the Draft Test Working Party and their instructions are to be followed
  4. The attendance sheet is to be signed and training fee paid before training your dog(s).
  5. Dogs are to be on lead and under control at all times in the training area.
  6. Dogs are to be harnessed and hitched in the training area for work but must be unhitched at all other times.
  7. Dogs must be kept quiet near the working area. Noisy dogs should be moved away from the training area.
  8. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dog The handler of any dog that fouls the training area must clean up immediately
  9. Dogs must be minimum aged for dogs is 9 months to train.