Queensland Dog Sports - Herding Sub-Committee

 Herding is represented by a Sub-Committee which are controlled and report to the main Queensland Dog Sports Committee.

 The Sub-Committee Charter remains the same as the Queensland Dog Sports Committee Charter

Herding Sub-Committee Members

John Mitchell  - Chair
Karen Burke
Christine Keen 
Annette Luck
Peter Mayne
Anne Mitchell

Forms to Download:

Herding Judges Training and Assessment Scheme
Dogs Queensland Herding Judges Training Scheme Log Book

Breeds Eligible For Herding

Australian Cattle Dog
Australian Kelpie
Australian Shepherd
Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog
Bearded Collie
Belgian Shepherds (All Varieties)
Bregamasco Shepherd Dog
Border Collie
Bouvier des Flanders
Collie - Rough and Smooth
Dutch Shepherd
Finnish Lapphund
German Shepherd Dog
German Shepherd Dog (Long Stock Coat)
Maremma Sheepdog
Norwegian Buhund
Old English Sheepdog
Polish Lowland Sheepdog
Pyrenean Sheepdog Longhaired
Samoyed (Approved for listing late 2005)
Shetland Sheepdog
Swedish Vallhund
Welsh Corgi Cardigan
Welsh Corgi Pembroke
White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Other Herding Breeds

Bernese Mountain Dog
Canaan Dog
Kerry Blue Terrier
Norwegian Elkhound
Rottweiler (10/08) - Eligible from 01.01.09
Schnauzer - Giant
Schnauzer - Standard
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Tibetan Terrier

Mixed Breeds

Mixed breeds may be accepted provided they are a mix or apparent mix of Herding breeds. These must be Associate Registered Dogs.

Working Dogs

Dogs registered with an ANKC recognised working dog association or kindred body are able to compete in Herding Trials organised under the auspices of an ANKC Body. Such dogs must be registered with the ANKC and the owner and handlers must be members of a Member Body.

Such dogs are to be allowed to complete without prejudice to sexual status in that they are not required to be neutered and may be bred as acceptable by the working registry they are registered with.

Other Herding Information

For more Herding information relating to your relevant club, please refer to the Affiliated Kennel Clubs Listing. Below is a list of the relevant Herding Clubs that you can find in the listing on that page:

Australian Shepherd Club of Qld
Belgian Shepherd Club of Qld
Border Collie Club of Qld
Cattle Dog & Kelpie Club of Qld
German Shepherd Dog Club (Qld) Inc
Shetland Sheepdog Club of Qld
Working Dog Club of Queensland
Qld Herding Association