Rally Obedience requires the Handler to interpret and follow a set of signs around the course.

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The JUDGE does not give directions, other than “Are you ready” and “Forward”. From then on, it is up to the Handler to navigate the course.
Some people think Rally is easier than Obedience and in some respects it IS.
But in order to succeed it is still necessary to have a well trained dog, who will listen and follow the Handlers Directions.
Some signs are very similar to others and can be confusing.
Explanations of signs and rules can be seen at the link to the Rules, above.
NO equipment is required for Rally. However a copy of the rules and signs will help with training at home.
Rally has FOUR (4) levels, each increasing in difficulty and number of signs.
NOVICE is the first level and it is ON LEAD. There is NO JUMPING in Novice.
ADVANCED is the next level and from here onwards, the dog will be OFF LEAD. There is ONE (1) jump at this level.
EXCELLENT is next, also OFF LEAD, but there will be TWO (2) jumps.
MASTER is the highest level, again OFF LEAD. However there is NO JUMPING at this level.



The information on these pages was put together with permission from the Redlands Dog Obedience Club